Wed 22 November 2017
Netgear Nighthawk R7800 : add USB camera support to create a security webcam
Sun 23 July 2017
SVE-2016-7930: Multiple buffer overflows in Samsung Galaxy bootloader
Wed 05 October 2016
Amlogic S905 SoC: bypassing the (not so) Secure Boot to dump the BootROM
Sat 20 February 2016
PowerLine (PLC) support in OpenWrt for D-Link DHP-1565
Thu 25 December 2014
Analysis of Nexus 5 Monitor mode
Thu 18 December 2014
[QPSIIR-80] Qualcomm TrustZone Integer Signedness bug
Thu 13 November 2014
Exploitation of Philips Smart TV
Fri 16 May 2014
pflupg-tool : unpack Philips SmartTV firmware
Thu 15 May 2014
[CVE-2014-2978] DirectFB remote out-of-bounds write vulnerability
Thu 15 May 2014
[CVE-2014-2977] DirectFB integer signedness vulnerability
Thu 15 May 2014
dfb-wireshark-dissector : DirectFB Voodoo protocol dissector for Wireshark
Wed 31 July 2013
Axis Camera M1011 Remote Code Execution Exploit
Mon 15 July 2013
Huawei Mobile Hostpot remote root code execution by SMS (user-triggered)
Mon 15 July 2013
[CVE-2013-2612] Huawei E587 3G Mobile Hotspot Command Injection
Sun 17 March 2013
[CVE-2013-2560] Foscam <= path traversal vulnerability
Sun 17 March 2013
[CVE-2012-6426] LemonLDAP-NG SAML XML Signature Wrapping